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Does anyone know of an affordable solution to display SMS messages on an installation to the general public? Ideally a turn key lcd screen solution or similar. Appreciate any help! Adam.
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Brightkite has something that sounds close to what you're looking for. It's called BrightKite Wall, and lets people send a message to them that shows up on the wall. It practically sets itself up, but it'll need a PC (or some other gizmo that runs Flash content) and Internet connection behind it.
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I've not used it, but was at an event where FireText had a booth. Sounds similar to, if not exactly, what you want.
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a computer monitor and a way to display an RSS feed in large font? Then, just SMS things to twitter, and feed the RSS feed of your updates into the computer.
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As a result of my recent askme, I've found Bluephone Elite, which will happily display your SMS's on a screen. You'd need a bluetooth enabled mac and compatible phone.
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