Where's my Polish package?
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A package from Poland is coming my way - now how do I track it?

Someone sent me a package from Poland ('high priority', or so they said) by Polish Mail, and they also sent me a tracking number (looking like this: VVXXXXXXXXPL - Xs are numbers). I suppose there's a website where I can track this, right? Could someone please tell me where to look, as specific as possible? I don't speak any Polish at all. I think with the online translators, I'd be able to make some sense out of the information such a tracking website would give me, but I have no idea where to start.
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Best answer: I've never done it. But apparently someone else already figured it out.

The Polish Post office website is here. You can track a package here by inputting the parcel number and clicking on the button.
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Best answer: Those tracking numbers are EMS tracking numbers, you can only track it to Poland's border on the Pocztex website. In the US, use USPS website - just enter your tracking number, the PL at the end of it denotes country of origin.

That said, as someone in Poland who's sent and received literally hundreds of packages via EMS, I can tell you that the tracking system is just awful.

PS. At the bottom of the pocztex website, there's a line that says to enter the tracking number without any letters. If your full tracking number isn't working, try that.

Should you need any translation help with the site, mefimail me.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both of you! So far, I've worked out that 'no information is available' (Brak informacji dla przesyłki) about my package, but maybe that's because it was sent today? I'll try again tomorrow.
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Response by poster: Some follow up information for future readers of this thread, and for those who answered: it worked on that website predius linked to, but not on the day they (supposedly) sent it, but one (or maybe two) day(s) later. The information was not very specific, but it was comforting to know the package was on its way.
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