Replace my ReplayTV with a PC Card
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I would like to buy a card/box to connect post-cable-box (like tivo) to connect to my computer and record whatever is playing on channel 3?

I currently have a ReplayTV which is able to record from channel 3. I pay 13/mo for this and need to replace it with my computer's new 1 TB HD, etc. I have the means to download tv schedules myself as well as change the channel on my Comcast set-top box to coincide with my programming I want to record. What I don't have the means to do is to record from the cable box to my computer (w/out DVArchive.)

I have a Radeon 3850 card with a DVI-HDMI adapter so I can watch stuff on my 42" LCDTV.

I'm having trouble picking out which card or external box can read every channel I pay for and have my computer capture it.

I'd rather not use MCE as I'm on XP and would prefer GBPVR or some such.

I've a simple Motorola cable box sans cable-card.

Thanks in advance.
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You need a TV tuner card (the Hauppage WinTV ones are pretty much the de-facto standard), which you will plug the output of your cable box (whether it be coax, RCA plugs, or whatever) into, and you need software on your computer to do the recording, channel changing, etc. I would go with a PCI-type card, not a USB-connected external box. Just search on for 'hauppage' and you'll find lots.
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I assume these can be deployed post-cable box? Most seem to read 'clear-qam' as in pre-cable box. I just need to see the current channel on the cable box... Thanks
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If you want high-definition, just about the only game in town is the Hauppage HD PVR. It exploits the analog hole of component-out to capture up to 1080i.

So, if your cable box has component out, just plug it right into this sucker, and it'll record whatever channel the box is tuned to.
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The Hauppage wintv 1800 card is working perfectly...
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