Goozex for CD trading
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Is there a site like Goozex for CD trading? Failing that, what CD trading sites do you like?

For those unfamiliar with Goozex, they use a points and trade credit system based on their valuation of the game so it's basically like currency. The closest I've come across is Swaptree, and it values things weirdly, especially across formats. The only other CD trading website I've come across is, and it doesn't seem to have anything I'm looking for.
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I used Lala for a while. It's nice because they give you pre-paid mailers and cases. The fees were fair, I thought. I just found it harder to part with my CD's then I thought.
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Oh, never mind. I see that Lala has changed to an Mp3 store. Sorry.
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You might try Title Trader. IIRC you can post a custom listing with a custom asking price. I used them a while back, but I switched to Swapacd as I found my credits to be more versatile (you can transfer credits between swapacd, paperbackswap, and swapadvd) and easily convertible back into cash (by selling credits on the forums) over there.
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Response by poster: Oooh, I did not know that credits were transferable between those three sites. That makes things a lot more interesting. The thing that got me about Swaptree is that you can only trade for certain things.
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Lala still has CD trading. You just have to manually activate CD trading on your account after you've signed up.
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GameTZ is less corporatized version of Goozex and it's got CD trading. Most people use it for games but you could conceivably just trade CDs on it.
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