What TV channels can I receive free in Washington DC with a USB TV tuner card?
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I have a laptop with a screen that's broken. I want to buy a USB digital TV tuner device and then permanently attach the laptop to my TV, which currently only gets used for watching DVDs. Does anyone know of a list of free-to-air digital TV channels I could expect to be able to watch with a setup like this? I'm in the Washington DC area.
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Best answer: Try http://www.antennaweb.org
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Best answer: These.

This may give you a slightly more complete list. I also imagine that you'd be able to pick up Baltimore stations on a good day, provided your antenna was good enough.

OTA Television coverage is definitely not as good in the US as it is in the UK (which you list as your home).
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Best answer: Enter your address at TV Fool and it should give you a very detailed report of transmitters and channels in your area.
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Response by poster: Wonderful. Thanks everyone. Those resources were more than enough for me to get an answer.
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