Boston Marathon - Best Seats?
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Running the Boston Marathon on Monday, and trying to figure out where the wife and kids should place themselves to give me a few much needed high fives deep into the run. Anyone have favorite places to view? Things to consider: Walking time needs to be minimized, should be kid friendly if possible. Where's the best places to meet the fam afterwards? Thanks!
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Best answer: There are Family Meeting Points on Clarendon and Stewart Streets just behind Copley Square. Depending on weather, you can meet them there. As far as places to watch, where are they coming from? Locations along the course that are in the city and close to MBTA subway stations are:

* Kenmore Square (Green lines B,C, and D): One-mile-to-go marker
* Woodland (Green line D): Mile 16.8 of the Marathon course
* Boston College (Green line B): Mile 21.4 of the Marathon course
* Cleveland Circle (Green line C): mile 22.4 of the Marathon course

The area around the finish line gets very crowded and with a kid I wouldn't do it, but more often then not you'll be able to find a spot between Kenmore Sq. and Mass. Ave., esp. after the competitive racers have come and gone.

If they are in the 'burbs then the MBTA’s Commuter Rail Line (Framingham/Worcester) also makes stops along the Route in Framingham, West Natick, Natick, Wellesley Square and Wellesley Hills.
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Response by poster: Awesome. They'll be coming from the burbs south of town, in Attleboro. There's a T station in town, so public transport sounds like the way to go. Anyone watch from any of the above spots? Most grateful for your help and any other advise!
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I would have thought "Heartbreak Hill" is where you are likely to need the most support. It's called that for a reason and you'll really appreciate the lift of seeing family there supporting you!

Or point 3 in spoons list
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If history is any indicator the trains and the T will be extremely crowded. Plan on a very early start if you want to get anywhere.
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When my bro ran the london marathon he pinned his name to the back of his shirt and strangers cheered him on the whole way - if you have a short name you may find that useful.
Good luck!
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Best answer: I ran three Bostons and always appreciated coming up Hereford Street and turning the corner onto Boyston Street in front of the Prudential. It's mile 26 and you're almost done but I always wanted to share that moment before the finish line with my family who had suffered with all the winter runs and months of training. My second most favorite place is at the 20 mile mark where I worked as a course volunteer for 5 years. It's just before the final hill and gives good looks coming and going. I appreciated the encouragement before the big hill and lots of people gather there to cheer people on. You can park in the neighborhood and walk over. It's a little difficult to find anyone at the finish but I used to walk farther down Boylston to Copy Square and meet the family on the stairs in front of the Boston Public Library. The Green Line subway stop is right there. Also, the subway used to be free to marathoners on Patriots Day so consider taking the T to your car. Have a great run!!
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