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Please tell me who the leading product and brand design studios are in Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for small, mid-sized and large established agencies that specialize in trade dress, branding, and packaging for hardline products, especially food product packaging.

In the trade, these are sometimes referred to as product and brand design 'shops' or product and design 'houses'. The lobby of a thriving and successful product design agency would typically have a well lit gallery of packages and products the house has designed packaging and branding for.

Who are the established players in this segment in Vancouver, Canada? I'm not looking for web design agencies, but more likely those that specialize in food and product packaging design with a greater emphasis on food packaging.

Finally if you know of any successful hot-shot up-and-coming agency who is making waves in package design and branding, please include them too. (I'm looking for success stories not wanna bees).
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Here are a couple from the excellent blog The Dieline:

Kimbo Design
posted by borjomi at 4:07 PM on April 14, 2009 made me all sweaty and gave me heart palpitations. Juicy design porn. Creamy dreamy stuff.

Dossier Creative looks like a top tier place to start in Vancouver (then work my way down). Thank you.

Call me greedy for top level design but there has to more good packaging and product design going on in Vancouver. Anyone else chime in? Thank you borjoni...
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