One way rental in Northwestern Canada
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I would like to do a one way car rental from either Edmonton or Prince George to Anchorage, Alaska (but would settle for Whitehorse, Yukon).

I'd like to take a long drive up through the Yukon and through Alaska. Ideally, I'd like to drive straight from Edmonton to Anchorage over a two week period. I'm having trouble finding a car rental company that can accommodate me.

I'm also willing to settle for starting in prince george, or going the other way and starting in alaska. I'd even be willing to drive back from anchorage to yellowknife if it's easier to keep the car in the country. Can anybody help?
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I don't think you will find a car rental company that will let you do a one-way rental over the border into Alaska. I also don't think you will find this sort of thing online. Your best bet would be to call all the chain rental places in Whitehorse and ask them if a one-way Edmonton-Whitehorse rental would be possible. I'm sure they have been asked before.

If you aren't totally committed to the car rental route and want to see a lot of beautiful territory, take the train from Edmonton to Prince Rupert and the ferry from Prince Rupert to Whittier (which is only a short bus ride from Anchorage).
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We traveled much of where you like to travel last summer. We came from Ontario and went through Edmonton to Yellowknife and up into Tok Alaska via Inuvik Northwest Territories (Dempster Highway).

Not sure if you realize it or not, but the highway between ( about) Fort Providence and ( about) Fort Nelson was all gravel. Its highway called # 1, # 7, and # 77 ( Liard highway) on my Canada map. Actually it was closed because a heavy rain washed out part of it when we went. We only got through because we had a four wheel drive and a lot of luck.

The scenery is unbelievable up there. You can email me for more info if you like.
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Are you handy? Are you adventurous? Buy a cheap used car. Drive to Anchorage. Make it a charitable donation, fly home. If you cannot handle the possibility of a minor or perhaps major problem on the way, this would not be for you. I live in Ak. I have purchased cars in Seattle, Vancouver, and Denver to use while there. Buy something inexpensive but with some resale appeal so it is easy to sell again, or just donate it. It is cheaper than renting if you know how to pick it.
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