Inexpensive RCA-in, RCA-out, In-line DVR with no subscriptions?
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Inexpensive standalone (non-computer) DVR solution for in-line video game recording? Preferably RCA in, RCA out, with 10+hours record time uncompressed/highest quality.

I'm looking for something that'll essentially perform like a "press record now" device akin to a VCR, that will record anything coming in through the RCA input, but with relatively uncompressed quality. I make a lot of video game YouTube videos, and most games do not have their own go-back-and-watch features.

I tried this with a VCR to "technical" success (but with hideous recording quality) and am considering digital options now. My father suggested a hard-drive-based digital video camera that has RCA ins and outs, but I wouldn't know where to begin.

Any suggestions for brands and models to start looking, or have similar experience to share?
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You want non-computer but you want to put videos on YouTube. Please clarify.
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Response by poster: By recording, I mean to the DVR itself for later playback at my leisure, via RCA-out. I already have an established method of transferring from home playback to YouTube. The "I make.." sentence is purely backstory.
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Response by poster: @Blazecock -- Not bad (found used elsewhere for $300, rather than the $799 link provided ^_^;;). I think I may hold out for something more toward the $45-100 range, used =/
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A DVD recorder with an internal HD. There are many.
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At that budget, I think you're going to have to make a compromise on one of your time-length, quality and cost parameters. But keep looking.
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I have a Cowon A2 that records 640x480 mpeg4 via an included RCA+stereo audio breakout cable. I've used it as a hard disk recorder for a body-mounted spy camera (don't ask), and the recording quality is pretty decent. I believe the A3 has since superseded the A2.
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Response by poster: @Mwon - See next to last sentence, after the comma ^_^

@Blazecock - I figured only a 10+ hour buffer would be plenty compromise (the Phillips boasted a lovely 200-hour storage =))

@kid_ - that actually looks like a winner, but can it record the video while simultaneously playing it on output? Or, restated, can it record the video in-line while the video(/game) still plays on the TV?
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You could use a splitter to direct the signal to both the recording device & the display fairly cheaply.
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Response by poster: @torque - I've looked into splitters, and it doesn't seem to work as simply for video as it does audio. The only realistic A/V splitters I've seen need to be powered and usually run around $40+ alone =/

I actually may be able to find an old, cheapy used WinXP laptop (which is what I currently use to transfer from playback to YouTube) with a larger HD, as I currently only have around 10GB freeable for video storage, and perhaps use a splitter.. hmm
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