Where can I find the clip of Andy Hurley on Cable in the Classroom?
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Where can I find the clip of Andy Hurley on the safe sex Cable in the Classroom speical on MTV last night?

I don't know what it was called but he, along with members of Liz Phair, OK GO and other random people on the street were talking about safe sex and sex myths. I can't find it anywhere, my google-fu is failing me.

In the clip, he said that he heard that "pulling out was kind of effective."

I can't explain why I need this, but its urgent. Ha.
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Best answer: Since no one has given this a crack, and hey, I'm not doing anything, might as well try.

What you saw was: ThinkAgain: Sex Myths Revealed. It looks like it'll be on again on 11/24 if you can wait that long.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to find anything else that references this besides the Cable in the Classroom website.

Sorry this doesn't have exactly what you wanted, but maybe it's a lead.
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Keep an eye on some of the fan sources like this one - they're bound to have it eventually, I'd think.
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