Cheap car insurance in KY
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Hi I am planning to change my Car insurance in KY. Please suggest a good auto insurance with reasonable premiums. It will be for two cars with two drivers for my BMW x3 and Toyota Camry. Both vehicles at same location in Kentucky. Any opinions? Thanks
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Auto insurance premiums are calculated based on so many different factors that it's impossible to compare rates. If I were you, I'd start with the major carriers (State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate) and compare from there. Make sure that when you're shopping around, you're comparing quotes based on the same exact coverages from each company.
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Go to and get quotes from the big boys: State Farm, Progressive, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Geico, etc. All of them are more-or-less interchangable.
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Check with whomever you have homeowners/renters insurance with to see if they also have car insurance. You can usually get lower rates on both if you have them with the same insurer.
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Similar to valkyryn's suggestion, I recently had to add a second car to my policy, so decided to shop around. I used and ended up with more coverage at a lower rate than my then-current insurer offered. (Old company was Permanent General, new one is Unitrin Direct. I don't know if either of those companies operate in KY; I'm in TX.)
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I highly recommend USAA if you are a current or past member of the military (they've expanded their eligibility requirements). They have excellent rates and customer service.
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If you're a AAA member, call them. They often offer discounted car insurance for members through their own insurance company subsidiaries. They saved me $600 per year in premiums over MetLife for the exact same coverage in Virginia. So, I kept them when I moved to Maryland. I had a similar percentage of savings versus Snoopy on my renter's insurance premiums when I switched to AAA.

Obviously, shop around, and don't just get one quote from one company.

AAA was a more expensive than my existing carrier for motorcycle insurance (Progressive), so I didn't switch that.
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If you have an excellent driving record, it's worth giving Amica a shot. They have very strict underwriting guidelines, but that means they can offer lower rates. They have always been lovely to deal with- they're a mutual company (policyholders own it), which means rebates on premiums and less screwing around on settling claims -- and when an insurance company calls wanting to give me a quote, they end the call as soon as they hear I'm with Amica because they know they can't beat the rates. Also, apparently they get great JD Power ratings (seems like most other policyholders agree with me!)
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A close friend of mine lives in the Cincinnati-area (in KY) and has Progressive for her two late-model Hondas. She is quite happy with the coverage, and switched from GEICO when she moved there from an outer-ring suburb north of Cincinnati a few years ago.
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