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how do i make a turn-based multiplayer game in flash or js?

I am making a turn-based game that works in this way:

n players go to a page. when there are enough players, the game starts.

player 1 moves. player 2 is shown player 1's move and plays his move. a player sees only the move of the one immediately before him. game ends when all players have played once. at this point, the sequence moves are broadcast to all players.

i don't really know flash and since there is no real graphics involved, i figure i could do it in javascript, which i am familiar with. however, the databasing side of this is totally new to me and i don't know where to begin. so the simpler the better. note that a slight lag (10 seconds or so) between moves is fine.

help appreciated.
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gotoAndPlay is a good resource if you're interested in Flash game development. And there's nice engine called SmartFoxServer Liteto help with the multiplayer stuff.
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If you go with a non-Flash solution, note that there are ways to simulate "push", which eliminates the lag. The umbrella term is Comet, and several javascript frameworks have incorporated it, e.g., Dojo.
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