Tools for Diagnosing unviewable Joomla website in IE?
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Having problems viewing my Joomla built website in IE. Works fine in Firefox. The Website is at Are there any tools for diagnosing this? Or does anyone have any knowledge of what the problem might be.
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Hmmm, there are quite a few javascript errors, also, loosen up the doctype decflaration

Try this instead and see how you go.



the image

is 127kb, that's pretty heavy for such a small image, you should try to recut it and make it no more that 20-ish kb

Use Firefox's error console to see the actual errors. IE has shiteful error reporting. But then again, it's a shiteful browser.
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[!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""]

replace the [] with angle brackets
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that window.addEvent looks iffy too, there would be another way to accomplish this
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This looks like a JavaScript error to me. There are debugging tools to help you identify potential problems: Firebug (for FF, and an and indispensable tool for development) or Microsoft Script Debugger (for IE). In the MS script debugger, I am getting eight different errors.

There's also the option of just removing or commenting out the JavaScript from the site and then putting the scripts back one by one to see which one is causing the problem, though at that point you will want a script debugger of some kind anyway, to help diagnose the specific issue. If it's an external script that you don't have the inclination to fix, then it's a matter of deciding whether you really need that functionality or you can find a more stable script that does the same thing.
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It looks like you're having some issues with the mootools-based JavaScript. I'm not familiar with that library, so I'm not sure if rokutils.js can work without mootools, but try including the core mootools files to see if that helps. Some of the errors are happening on load events that seem to be trying to set CSS properties IE doesn't natively support, so that may explain why the site doesn't look right in IE.

You've also got a number of PHP errors that are stretching boxes or running outside of them. Fixing those may help with the appearance settings once you have the JavaScript fixed.
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Response by poster: Wow, lots of good info here. Might take me a while to sort through it all, thanks though, and I'll try to report back. ~Frank
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