Super Nintendo Multiplayer Games
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Can anyone recommend 3+ player games for the SNES? Secret of Mana is the only thing that comes to my mind, but I'm sure there are others. No genre restrictions - just something fun for 3 friends to goof around with.
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Does Super Mario Kart count? I remember it being loads and loads of fun to play against my then-girlfriend and my little brother.
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Super Bomberman is best with four, but it's still a blast (pun intended?) with three plus a computer player.
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I second Super Mario Kart. That game still kicks ass. I've been thinking of trying to find a used SNES just to play Mario Kart again.

There's a multi-player game called Mario Party. Never played it.
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Kart for the SNES is two-player only. The game you seek is..

Saturday Night Slam Masters.

(And I second Super Bomberman.)
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the SNES version of Super Mario Kart only supports 2 players, and as far as I know there ain't no Mario Party for SNES.

as far as 3 player games go, you'll probably be stuck mostly with game shows like jeorpardy and wheel of fortune or sports games. hmmm let's see... micro machines, bazooka blitzkrieg, aerobiz, fire striker, vegas stakes, lord of the rings, the peace keepers, and all the super bombermans are about all the non-sports games I can think of. although as far as to whether each title is fun or not, that's up to you homie!
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks for the suggestions. Other-Hypharse and I play Super Mario Kart pretty often - I didn't think it was for more than two players, but yeah, it is fun! We're going to try Super Bomberman.
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I got SNES and 64 mixed up. Oh well, I still want one of them, it's just that now I'm not sure which one it is.
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The SNES requires a Super Multitap to play 3 or 4 player games. On this website there's a list of games compatible with it.
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Um, I hate to not answer the question with answers (despite being a major SNES addict, but really for RPGs, and the games already suggested will be good), but if you're using the SNES because you have it, you should check out the N64 if you have a bit of money to spend. Cheap because it's now obsolete, and because it came with four controller ports, almost every game with a multiplayer option can accommodate four players. With SNES you have to hunt for the games that can be used by more than two players, even with non-simultaneous play, and with an N64 you can get the games at around $5-20.

Anyway, just a suggestion if you're searching for cheap console four (or three) player games.
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Micro Machines is great fun and a solid challenge.
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I seem to remember that Street Racer worked with 2-4 players. That game was neat (a bit of a Mario Kart clone, but still).
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gonna say Super Bomber man and then i see it mentioned in the second comment.

'nuff said except for get multitap off ebay + superbomber man
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i'd put a plug in for the Romance of The Three Kingdoms combat simulation series. And several of similar games.

It's turned based world conquest sort of things, but works well if you have people with the patience to wait around for their turn while the current player taxes and spends.

And, a side plug for the sega dreamcast with some emulation software, four ports on the front, lots of stuff out there to try for it. And cheap as dirt when you find them used.
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Another for Bomberman. Oh yeah.
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