Closed Captioning for online video
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Is there an effective, easy way to make online videos closed captioned for the hearing impaired?

I've recently started doing a lot of short digital documentaries, which I post online, and it would be a huge pain in the ass to cc them using iMovie. Recommendations?
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No, you'll just have to close caption them yourself. Audio parsing is still a massive pain in the butt.
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I've used Subtitle Workshop on Windows to create a subtitle file. You could burn them into the video (easier), or offer them separately, but I have no advice there.
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Sorry, make that Subtitle Workshop.
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iMovie is lousy for creating captions. I've used Jubler on OS X, and that was a pretty good experience - there's a short learning curve. But it takes time. It took me about half an hour to subtitle a one-minute film; then again, that was my first time doing it. So it is time-consuming no matter how you do it, but there are far better tools than iMovie.
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I have had success using Magpie ( to create captions for QuickTime videos. These aren't true closed captions (the kind that are decoded by special equipment) but rather "open" captions, so you can basically offer two links for a captioned or non-captioned video.
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