bob the builder theme is like what other tv theme
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the end of the Bob the Builder theme song has that heavy guitar riff "wind down" which reminds me of some tv show theme (like the drew cary show or WKRP) where some guy shouts: "I love you NEW YORK -or maybe detroit--what is that show?
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For quite a few years, the Drew Carey Show opening credits ended with him shouting 'Ohio!'
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Maybe it's "That 70's Show" - someone screams Hello Wisconsin! at the end of the intro.
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The closing credits of Frasier featured Kelsey Grammer singing a tune called "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs," and he ended it with a different shouted sign-off; one, IIRC, was "Thank you, Seattle!"
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Best answer: That 70's Show "Hello Wisconsin!"
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Response by poster: thanks all. it was 70s show.
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Craziness. Everytime I've ever heard that song I have to say, "Ohio!" when it ends. (Like the Drew Carey show.) Now here's someone else doing it, but with a different song!
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