80s nature show theme?
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I have fond childhood memories of the theme song from a 1980s nature show, but have been unable to find it anywhere on the internet. The main melody was played by a sort of synthesized oboe, with an odd synthesized rhythm of pops and clicks in the background, and the accompanying visuals were trippy, red-and-orange footage of various animals. I've recreated (badly) the main melody from the title sequence here. Can anyone tell me what show this is from, and point me to a recording of the original tune? Thanks!
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Which country/state/city did you grow up in? Better yet, which network was it on?
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Response by poster: I suppose that might help! This was the USA, and I'm pretty sure the show was broadcast on PBS. I remember seeing it in several different cities/states, including Albuquerque, NM and Hutchinson, KS.
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Response by poster: hooray!! that's it! Thanks! I thought I remembered that "wild" was in the title somewhere, but it wasn't Wild Kingdom, or Wild America... I clearly wasn't thinking wild enough! :)
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Response by poster: and yes, that end theme is fantastic, too, although I didn't remember that at all. :)
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I was able to track it down because I remembered that William Conrad was the narrator. I remembered the percussion in the opening credits, but that was about all. :)
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