more Melvins please
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The Melvins' discography is vast. Help me navigate it optimally based on some preferences.

I have always thought of myself as a casual Melvins listener: I own about 7 records and a couple of singles. After much listening of my reserves, I've recently come to believe they are among my favorite bands.

Stoner Witch is my favorite. Yet Stag is my absolute least favorite. I feel like this rules out preferring some era of the Melvins. I'm also partial to Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments and A Senile Animal. Other than Stag, my least listened to Melvins recording would be Eggnog. I don't have a tempo preference really so long as the track has direction. I think this means that the long experimental drum things and other goofy weirdness is tolerable if the rest of the recording delivers great Buzzo guitar and lyrics while Dale gets serious with the drum pummeling.

I'm looking for more that's like Stoner Witch, A Senile Animal, Nude with Boots, Houdini, and Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments and less like Stag and Eggnog. Less goof more metal. I'm sure I'm missing a couple of really great records that will hit this sweet spot. I want to find those and avoid some of the dross that seems to be an inevitable byproduct of a band as prolific as they are.

Side projects, solo records etc are also welcome though Shrinebuilder does very little for me. With respect to the recent addition of Jared and Coady I already have the first two Big Business records and all the Karp I can get my hands on. I've followed Joe Preston's work some but I'm not amazed by what I've heard where he's been the main contributor. Matt Lukin counts but I'm steeped in Mudhoney as it is. Lori, MarkD I don't know if they did anything Melvins-like after. Following each departed bassist seems needless.
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Bullhead. Absolutely my favorite Melvins record.
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Best answer: The two albums between Ozma and Houdini seem like good choices. Bullhead is prime Melvinsiana, kicking off with the massive Boris, possibly the quntessential Melvins song. Lysol is a bit more 'experimental' in the sense of having some longer, drawn-out tracks, but also includes their fabulous cover of Flipper's Sacrifice.
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Best answer: I think Mark Prindle gives some great and entertaining reviews of Melvins repertoire. Check it out if you haven't.
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Hostile Ambient Takeover was the album that really opened me up to them.
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PS: I would check out the track Little Judas Chongo from that album.
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Lysol is my favorite (along with Stoner Witch) but it is very different from their other records - much dronier. I think the build up is worth it and the album is very heavy, if you want more metal and like bands like Boris you should check it out.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. Both Bullhead and Lysol fit the bill perfectly. I picked up H.A.T. which is also very good, but it's been a less immediate fit for me.

Additionally, I found the Mark Prindle suggestion helpful since he makes no bones about pointing out which Melvins records are less good than others. His reviews helped me avoid Prick, for instance, but pick up The Maggot.
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Glad you liked Bullhead and Lysol. One more suggestion: Pigs of the Roman Empire, which they did with Lustmord, who does dark ambient/electronic stuff. The album is uneven in the sense that half the tracks are straight Lustmord ambience, but there are some classic Lysolish tracks: check out The Bloated Pope, and the second half of the title track, which might be the heaviest thing they've ever done.
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