I need to find a forum where Public Relations people hang out?
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I need to find a forum where Public Relations people hang out?

Can anyone recommend a quality interactive discussion forum where public relations issues (business) are discussed?
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I know that there a lots of technology journos - and therefore tech PRs (including me) - on Twitter, which doesn't answer your question but might be useful.
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I suppose there are LinkedIn Groups / Q&As where you'll find colleagues.
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The PRSA has a blog but otherwise join the organization, attend conferences, network, etc. Maybe you can get involved and create a forum for them which will make everyone happy?
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Seconding the idea of starting a good forum yourself if you can't find any.

Slightly OT: I notice that the PRSA sells a book on the business aspects of pr. Is it any good?
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Other options are PROpenMic, which is a discussion forum for practitioners as well as PR educators and students, and the Yahoo! Group PRBytes, especially if you're interested in technology PR.

There is also a lively professional blogging community among PR practitioners, and many are active on Twitter. PROpenMic contains links to a lot of those, so it's a good starting place.
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I searched Yahoo groups and there are some groups for Public Relations though I don't know how good they are.

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