High quality royalty free music?
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I recently produced some high definition videos to use internally at work. They used music from the Iron Man OST - Suddenly my company wants these to go public on our website - help me find alternative music!

The 2 tracks I've used are "Mark II" and "Damn Kid". I've tried a few websites that offer royalty free or stock music, but they always sound cheap and nasty. Where can I find the best quality, free or royalty free music?
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Also Legal Music for Videos is a collection of different creative commons licensed music sites that you may find helpful.
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Rumblefish and Magnatune. I've used Rfish music for work (much more complex license than you are talking about ) and I've also used both services for podcast music.
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Most of it will sound cheap and nasty. Get your company to hire someone to create some music for it. Even loop-based music will sound better than the stuff you found online.
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Most of it will sound cheap and nasty.

Yeah, but with a lot of digging and some editing, a lot of it is serviceable. You have to listen to a LOT of tracks. (Tip: jump straight to the the middle of every track you preview.) The Magnatune licenses are very workable.
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Actually, a LOT of the music on Rumblefish, if not Magnatune, is professionally produced and sounds fantastic. The vast majority that I've listened to, in fact, is just fine to very good.
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