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Is there something similar to AVG Free Antivirus for Vista Business?

Using Kaspersky, but it wants £. I figure there must be a decent free option out there. TIA.
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Is there a reason that you can't run AVG Free on Vista? There's also Avira Personal and avast!.
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 3:04 AM on March 17, 2009

Response by poster: Couldn't find a Vista version!
posted by chuckdarwin at 3:04 AM on March 17, 2009

AVG has a single installer for all modern versions of Windows, so you don't need to hunt down a Vista specific one.
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Response by poster: Cat Pie Hurts, I couldn't get the b*stard thing to install on Vista. Hrmph.
posted by chuckdarwin at 3:14 AM on March 17, 2009

Not in front of a Vista box right now, but if you right click the installer, I'm pretty sure that there should be an "install as Administrator" option. That should get you through.
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Doesn't vista have the defender built in? I've been using vista for over a year and although I check from time to time with clamwin, I think never a virus, though I have connected to many infected usb devices.
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I run AVG fine on my Vista 64-bit box. I'm pretty sure I didn't have to do the right-click, install as admin trick either.

If you're unable to install, then there is something wrong...
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Err.. The free versions of the products people are mentioning are free for personal use, not for business use..
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I successfully installed AVG Free on a 32bit build of Vista Business SP1 just this week. I didn't do anything special, just downloaded the installer that was linked from here.

You'll need to be an Administrator on the machine and acknowledge any UAC prompts.
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Actually, I downloaded the installer direct from the AVG site.
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Best answer: I run AVG on vista. Are you sure you have administrator rights? Did you get a UAC pop up or anything asking you for your password? If youve done something silly like disable UAC then I suggest you turn it back on. UAC isnt just prompts, it a whole security layer. Some anti-virus programs might be dependent on it.
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Response by poster: damn dirty ape, you have hit it. I did disable UAC.
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devnull - just because you have vista business, doesn't mean it's used in a business. It's the vista equivalent of xp professional, and is common on higher-grade laptops. The corporate-only version is vista enterprise.

Glad you got it sorted chuckdarwin, I've used AVG on vista for a while. If you did want to stick with kaspersky and have a barclays account, they're doing a free years sub for kaspersky through their online banking.
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