Candy shaped like musical notes
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I am looking for small candies shaped like musical notes. Searches on Google and Froogle (Google Product Search) turn up nothing useful. Can anyone suggest a supplier, please?
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If you can't find a supplier here are some molds of various music things. It's easy enough to make some yourself.
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You could try Timberlake Candies. They don't list musical notes on the page of their most popular shapes but it says they have thousands of others available. And I think you can get these as "gems" and not lollipops. They look pretty yummy. I like the dinosaurs and ice cream cones.
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Here are four options.
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Response by poster: Nice! I love the hive mind, yes I do.

carmicha, your first two links are identical. Is there a fourth option?

Many thanks, folks.
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Did you see this?

and this?

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There's this cool thing too.
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Response by poster: Some of the items from Friendship House may work -- thanks, watercarrier.

Lollipops are too large -- I need these to top some homemade chocolate-covered Oreos. I'd prefer to concentrate on making those, and so would like to avoid having to learn to make candy from scratch this time around. I'm going to have my hands full with just the cookies.
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Oops! Here's the fourth one, but they're probably too big given your home-made Oreo plan.

What if you draw the notes using one of those little squeezy tubes of sugary goodness or pipe icing onto it?
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Response by poster: Thanks, carmicha. The piped frosting may be an option; I haven't yet found out how many of these cookies I will be making.
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