Could the new google analytics be causing my SSL to be insecure?
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Anyone familiar with making SSL work with Google Analytics and Drupal?

I'm currently working on a website for work. I have my SSL cert installed, but when I try to connect securely, it keeps complaining that a part of the site is insecure. I finally think I've narrowed it down to the Google Analytics code we're using (it's the new, supposedly self switching code, not the old manual code). Is it possible that it's causing trouble because I have it in the "footer" section of my Drupal UI? If so, how else do I install it? Or am I WAY off base, and it's actually an issue some where else?

The site, for reference, is

Thank you in advance!
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You're downloading a javascript file from Google when you're using Analytics. If you're on an HTTPS site and downloading the .js file from an HTTP site most (or all at this point) browsers will complain about unsigned content.

You need to use the SSL URL when pointing the analytics javascript file. Google has provided a helpful how-to.
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Looks like you may have implemented this after posting your question. The site loads fine for me.
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Best answer: Google Analytics' code (at least, the updated code) automatically handles fetching the correct http/s javascript file. The important part:
"https:" == document.location.protocol ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."

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Response by poster: Thank you both, but I'm still having the issue, even on multiple computers. I haven't changed anything, yet (nor did I after posting the question).

Could my use of Lightbox be effecting it?

btw, sorry for not answering sooner, been slammed at work all day since I posted first.
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Response by poster: WAIT! You're RIGHT, Civil! THANK YOU!!!
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