Software to generate notated music from singing?
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Can I sing (or hum or whistle) into my computer and have it produce notated music?

I would like to sing (or hum or whistle) into my computer and have it produce some form of notated music - sheet music notation, MIDI, or preferably both. I figure there might be some software out there that would let me do this, given the existence of games like Rock Band (which detects the pitch you're singing at).

Assume (as I do) that I am not tone deaf, and that I have a halfway decent singing voice.

Windows, please; freeware is preferred but not required.

Thanks in advance.
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Try Songsmith, then convert it.
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Best answer: If you have Sibelius then there is an associated application called Audioscore that can do this (to a high standard).
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Video demo of audioscore
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Are you familiar with VSTs?

Here is a list of 'audio to midi' VSTs. I cannot attest to the results. I used one a while back but accuracy was not important for what I was using it for.
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I have used this product with some success. Not free, but you can try it out to see how close it gets :)

A search of sourceforge reveals a few free options:, and

Good luck!
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