Turning Gems Into Jewels
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I recently purchased some loose gems and now I would like to make them into jewelry. How much does this kind of thing usually cost? Will just any jeweler do this or do I need to find a specific type of jeweler? Do I need to insure them before bringing them to the Jeweler? I'm not really into the bling, so this is all new to me.
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Depends on what you want. If the stones are cut, then it's a matter of finding a jeweler, buying the setting, and having them put in. If you meant that you bought uncut stones and need them cut by the jeweler, the price range will likely vary hugely.

Generally gems are rated by five categories: color, quality, carat (size), lustre, and cut. You'd need a professional jeweler to rate all of these for you.
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The stones are already cut and, I think, just need settings. I'm looking to make a ring and a pair of earrings out of the 3 stones I bought.
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Where do you live? If you're in a US city with a diamond district (Chicago, NYC, LA), you can save a ton by going there. We bought loose stones and had our wedding rings made by someone in the LA diamond district and they've been appraised for many times what we paid. Personally, I would stay away from mall jewelers, maybe find a small indy shop in whatever downtown you're close to.
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I live in Houston, and while I don't think we have diamond district exactly, I do know of an area with several diamond wholesalers. I'll try there, thanks!
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