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My lovely boyfriend would like to buy me a piece of jewelry for my birthday, with a budget of up to $500. I think I'd like a ring, but I'm open to other options. Do you know of any awesome online jewelry stores that I should look at?

I tend to like smaller pieces with interesting shapes, although classic shapes are also fine. I would mainly like to avoid big corporate stores with boring designs.

As an example, I like several of the items in this store: http://alexisrusselldesign.bigcartel.com/category/featured?page=1

and own a necklace from this store: http://www.pyrrha.com/shop/necklaces/talismans

My mom gave me a pair of diamond stud earrings that I wear everyday, so new earrings are probably out, but other suggestions are welcome!
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My girlfriend loves the ring I got her here.

(NB: I went to the actual store, so I can't vouch for the online section.)
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I love etsy jewelry. Have you looked there yet?
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An etsy shop.
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Response by poster: griphus, that stuff looks great!

Small_ruminant, I've ordered stuff from etsy before, and have had mixed experiences. It can be difficult to return things if needed (although that wouldn't stop me from ordering, necessarily), but also there's so much to wade through, it can be difficult.

I do like the store you sent, though, so thanks!
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Seconding the Clay Pot. They have great stuff and great customer service.
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Brittany Foster: her Etsy shop, and more items for sale at artful home. (She's a friend and has done beautiful custom work for me.)
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When I look for jewelry on Etsy, I try to find one person I really like, and then look at their favorites to find people that THEY like. So, for example: my favorite never-gonna-afford-it shop is Metamorphosis. That stuff is all crazy expensive, BUT a lot of the people in his favorites have interesting jewelry for much less, and they might have people in THEIR favorites who are cool, too... etc etc.
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I am obsessed with a lot of the stuff from Catbird NYC - a great jumping off point for exploring designers.
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My friend operates a great little Etsy store here.

I hope folks like it!

No vested or financial interest, just trying to help a friend out and her handmade jewelry is awesome.
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I was just drooling over the stuff on the Erica Weiner website yesterday.
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I get a lot of compliments on my Roman glass necklace that I bought from Silverlust. I haven't used their online store but I've been buying jewelry from them in person for more than 20 years, including our wedding claddagh rings, and the owner has always been fantastic to work with.

(The online store emphasizes the goth look but don't let that put you off. I don't own anything in that style at all.)
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I am not so into the jewelry but the two sites I have enjoyed for jewels lately are Baublebar and Stella and Dot.
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Lunch at the Ritz
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Are you open to antique or estate pieces? If so, I love (lurrrve) Era Gem and Erstwhile Jewelry.
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Gemvara falls into more of the big corporation category and is more focused on gems and birthstones, but I was fairly impressed by the selection when ordering an engagement ring so figured it might be worth mentioning. Even if you decide not to order from them, the customization interface is well written..and could definitely spark some creativity to narrow down a particular look or color combination.
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I'm constantly sighing over how beautiful Wendy Mink pieces are. I especially love her necklaces, but all the pieces are gorgeous.

In fact, I might send this link to MY lovely boyfriend for my upcoming birthday!
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Best answer: Alexis Russell and Pyrrha have a classic/organic vibe so I'd recommend peeking at:
- Andrea Bonelli
- Colby June
- Blanca Monros Gomez
- Kristin Coffin
- Melissa Joy Manning
- Sarah Richardson
- Jessica Ricci
- maybe even Sarah Swell

Sites with multiple designers that fit your taste:
- Twist
- Giving Tree
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I too favour small but interesting jewelry. I am also obsessed with the selection at Catbird NYC - their buyers have killer taste. For specific designers, I recommend Odette, Satomi Kawakita, Blanca Monros Gomez, Mociun, and Yayoi Forest (some of these designers can be found on catbird)

Happy shopping!
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If you are concerned with returning something to an Etsy store, check the store's policy page or message the store owner/jewelry maker. I always try to go above and beyond if someone takes the time to messages me about something and would cover returns within an agreed amount of time. I think most Etsy (or Artfire or any of the similar sites) store owners are like this.
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I love Nervous System! They sell from both an Etsy shop, and their own site.
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I love Diana Porter's etched rings -- I got one as a wedding gift from my husband.
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Jennifer Chin's Lush Metals. In full disclosure, I know her, but I've also coveted this set for years. I think her stuff has a very unique style.
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Accents Jewelry is one of my favorite stores anywhere. Click on the designer's name on the list to see each collection.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! It's been a busy day, so I haven't looked through all the links yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something here that I'll cherish.
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i got my bestie earrings from OctopusMe several years ago and she actually loves them too much to wear.
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