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I'm planning on taking a working holiday mid april for two months (or longer) in Thailand with a friend. I have a few questions...

Last year I spent some time in South East Asia and really enjoyed myself. We both like the sounds of Krabi but neither of us have been there.
  1. Would you recommend Krabi or some place else? We like relaxed, green, away for huge cities but not rural living (need internet & gym). We're only going to stay in one spot for the whole time.
  2. Any recommendations on places to rent? Sharing or separate. An apartment or house would be nice. Middle price range - no idea really how much that would be. Close to a gym would be best.
  3. Who would you recommend for high speed internet? What's the speeds we can expect?
Many thanks!
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The 'gym' part really limits you to some of the most developed (and overrun) beaches in Thailand. As for internet, it ranges from sloooooooow up to about 5mb. You will be able to get something decent for around $25 USD/month. Again, the more developed the area, the faster speed you can expect. With regards to accommodation, you can generally find month-to-month places. What type of budget are you talking about? "Middle price range" probably means something very different to me than it does you. Also something to consider - April is the hottest month in Thailand and it is soon followed by the monsoons.
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Actually, if you are only going for 2+ months, you may not be able to get internet hooked up, unless the building you are in is already wired, or you piggyback off someone's wireless. There are countless internet cafes, which in a developed area cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 cents an hour. Enjoy the young monks playing shoot 'em up games.
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Krabi Town was one of my favourite cities in Thailand. There are two really great night food markets, a big used bookstore, and you're not only a boat ride away from the beach. There's greenery close enough as well. I don't remember seeing a gym while I was there, but I wouldn't be surprised if one exists - at the very least it is a great place to do some rock climbing, and scuba diving.

I think the biggest caveat is that it's not really a beach place - for that you want Railay or Ao Nang, which aren't too far away.

Can't help you on the rest, but most of the guesthouses have restaurants, and some offer free internet access with your meal, so if you've got a laptop, you could just setup shop there.
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You might want to try Ko Chang (the one in Trat). I was there a lot 7 or 8 years ago, and it was pretty basic. It's been built up a lot since then, I hear, so it might have what you're looking for. Alternatively, there's Ko Tao or Ko Phangnan or Ko Samui, in order from least to most developed. A bunch of beaches to choose from on each island, each with it's own flavour, from rural to populated.
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One thing to bear in mind is the surf can be rather strong on Krabi. If that's not your cup of tea try one of the islands in the Gulf of Thailand like Koh Phanghan, which had lots of lovely laid back areas 4 or 5 years ago and may still do, but Thailand changes fast. I imagine there's a gym somewhere on the island.
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Be aware that April is leading into the low/wet season in Thailand, so while you might find some cheaper accommodation the weather will be a bit temperamental at times.

Also, the islands tend to have lousy internet connections from my experience over the last few months.

That said, it's hard to give some advice because you haven't really said what kind of work you're doing - Are you looking to find work in Thailand, or do you have work to do, and what somewhere to hang out and do it? You also didn't really say what you liked about Krabi.

I'm in Thailand currently and have been for a few months (With laptop in tow), so feel free to ask me any particular questions.
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