Mic me up?
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What is the best wireless mic under 500$ (US) for a tenor saxophone?

For both studio use and live (mainly live though.) I would prefer one without a wireless pack but those tend to be a lot more expensive so that may not be feasible. Thank you in advance for your suggestions-
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Good wireless is expensive. Very expensive. Bad wireless is next to useless. But you probably knew that.

If I were you, I would ask your question in the LAB lounge and see what I get. Do a search first.
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The AMT Roam is probably the best wireless mic system for saxophone. Unfortunately, the current version Wi-5 is more expensive than your price range. eg. B&H or WWBW.

I use the discontinued Samson Airline, which doesn't have the best microphone, but is super convenient because it doesn't require a bodypack.

But, here's a Shure Beta 98 wireless system within your budget at Zzounds. The Beta 98 is a good microphone, but this is a system with a body pack.

Unless you're working with an awkward setup where you need the flexibility of a wireless system, I would tend to go with wired mics in the studio.
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You could also ask the question here: The Breakfast room

It's a great forum for all things saxophone.
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