Prison-themed presents
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Help me think of prison-themed presents for a Down by Law screening party.

My best friend is turning 35 next week, and we'll be having a screening of one of his favorite films, Down by Law, and an accompanying Italian-themed potluck. I'd like to make him a gift bag with prison-themed presents (soap on a roap, a shank, etc.) or gifts related to the movie. Any ideas?
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Stuffed rabbits.
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 11:55 AM on February 23, 2009

That is, assuming you've already seen the movie...
posted by Cool Papa Bell at 11:55 AM on February 23, 2009

ice cream
(what cool papa bell said)
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You must serve ice cream, of course. (You scream, we all scream for...)
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And while not movie-related, a make-your-own Pruno kit consisting of oranges, ketchup, fruit cocktail, sugar, and a Ziploc bag would make anyone's prison stay more tolerable, I think.
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The frak? No file-in-a-cake suggestions?
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ice cream
an 8 ball
Jack/Zach name tags
Lounge Lizards/Tom Waits CD
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Cigarettes but no matches.
plastic comb.
jaguar Keychain.
45 records.
buckle creeper shoes.
tiny memo pad with pencil.
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All good suggestions. How about a flask, or a half pint of cheap bourbon or whiskey? A rabbit's foot would work if you can't get the full rabbit.

Tom Waits' Rain Dogs is the most appropriate of his albums to pick up, as it has Jockey Full of Bourbon.
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Tiny rope ladders made out of dental floss.

A while back there was this thing on either Discovery of Nat Geo about someone who had managed to escape prison with a rope ladder made out of dental floss. I can't remember how much, but there was a whole whole lot. I think the ladder was some ten metres long. I said he escaped, I think he was caught just after using the ladder, but still.
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Haven't seen the movie in so many years, but as a fan of prison dramas generally here are my suggestions:

Sock full of unopened food/soda cans or rolled quarters (for hitting!)

Toothbrush with handle sharpened down to a point (for stabbing!)

Picture frame made out of folded empty cigarette packets.


Little hand mirror for sticking through the bars to see the guy a few cells down.

Orange coveralls.
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Toothbrush or plastic combs (both popular for making shanks)
Small mirror
Needle and ink (for tats, naturally)
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Make sure to add Irma Thomas to your soundtrack.
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Leave of Grass "You Like-a Walt Whiiitman?"
A pair of capped pointed shoes (of the kind that Ellen Barkin throws out the window in the opening sequence, and which Tom Waits spends a few moments putting on as he retrieves his belongings from the street.)
A plaid hunting jacket bought from a thrift store (of the sort that Zach and Jack exchange in the closing scene, as they go off to meet their separate destines).
handcuffs "Hook 'em up. Hook 'em real tight..." RIP, Rockets Redglare.

This is also one of my very favorite movies (as if you couldn't tell)...
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Food: ham and good eggs.
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