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On the Fox Reality Channel, how much time passes between "tests and treatments" on the reality show Solitary v3.0?

Watching episodes of Solitary v3.0 makes it seems as though the tests and treatments are on "back to back" days. Is this correct?

Since there are 9 contestants, with one being eliminated each episode, and the final two facing off, that would 8 days total solitary confinement for the winner and the first place runner-up, hypothetically. Can just two or three days of solitary confinement for the non-winning contestants (while doing tests and treatments) really make the contestants act so emotionally fragile and on edge? Are there really several days between tests and treatments to draw out the effects of the solitary confinement and loneliness and push the contestants to the breaking point? How long does it normally take for someone in solitary confinement to start to show signs of mental and emotional distress? Are the tests and treatments really that brutal (as to overshadow the solitary confinement and be the real cause of the contestants loosening grip on reality)?
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The Solitary forum on Television Without Pity (under "Competitive Reality Shows") contains posts from the Season 1 winner, whom I believe posts under the handle "number7," and from a contestant on the current season, who posts under the handle "RobRob." They may be able to tell you.
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