Merging a Google Apps account with an older, "normal" Google account
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Anyone know of a way to merge two Google and Google Apps accounts? (Not talking about merging mail accounts--I'm talking about things like web history, iGoogle pages, Google Reader subscriptions, etc.)

I've had a Google account for years now, and the same personal e-mail address the whole time. I never used "regular" GMail, but the information most of my Google services like Reader, my search history, and Maps/Latitude are related to that first account I created.

When "Google Apps For Your Domain" came out, I moved my personal domain to Google Apps, which has been great overall, but it means that as far as Google's concerned, I now have two similar but separate accounts. The two accounts actually the same e-mail address as a login ID, but happen to have different passwords.

There was no way, when I created my Google Apps account, to identify a pre-existing Google account and link the two--I looked into it pretty thoroughly, because I wanted to avoid the situation I'm in. The Google reps in different forums acknowledged that it was an issue, but said that it wasn't possible at the time.

I periodically check to see whether they've created a new way of pulling them together, but haven't found anything yet. I happened to doing another one of those periodic checks this morning, and figured I may as well check with the collective intelligence--from what I've been able to find, it looks like a lot of other folks are aware of the issue, but I couldn't find any answers?

Anyone ever run across a way of doing what I'm talking about? (Or should I just hit "Snooze" again on the issue for few months.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Best answer: I've never heard of a way to do it either... sorry.
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