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SenateFilter: Who will replace Tom Daschle as minority leader?
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Kerry would be a fine choice.
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The word on the street was that it was a match up between Harry Reid (D-NV) and Chris Dodd (D-CT). Reid is currently Senate Minority Whip, so 2nd behind Daschle as Minority Leader. Then Dodd said he wouldn't contest Reid (for the health of the party), and now Reid says he has the support of 30 Democrats, so it looks like it will be him.
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Off the top of my head, 60% chance for Reid, 25% chance for Durbin, 15% chance for Dodd.
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Daschle had been on the ropes for months, with the money the RNC was pouring into the Thune campaign. It's likely that Reid was tapped long before today, although that doesn't prevent someone from tossing their hat in the ring.

Obama? Freshmen senators are lucky to get decent committee assignments that halfway relate to the concerns of their state. Seriously.

Although the leadership isn't determined by seniority, you have to be there a while, and have a proven track record chairing committees and working at both the party and chamber level. It's not often a flashy job, and isn't one usually given to populist partisans (the House is a little punchier, though), but to sober pragmatics.* Everyone will agree Reid's earned it, and the last thing the party needs right now is a nomination fight.

* This is unfortunate chiefly because the media have often treated Daschle as the de facto Democratic voice in Washington (compare with the airtime even given to Pelosi) -- a role for which he is singularly unsuited.
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I wasn't serious, dhartung, just maybe a little wistful.
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It looks like it's going to be Reid. Though he's certainly earned it, I am not sure it's good to have a Democratic leader from a red state (see: Daschle, Tom).
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I still can't get over the fact that South Dakota voted out the ONLY power they will ever have in Washington. 600,000 people had the opportunity to directly influence the Senate, an opportunity that they will never get again. Never.
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Only if you believe that power = bringing home undeserved pork while serving as a divisive, balkenizing influence in the name of partisan politics, graventy.
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In the U.S. goverment, unfortunately, that's power.
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