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Is there a euro-based alternative to PayPal? I'd like to get back into the on-line auction scene, but I don't want to have to deal in US$ because they're too all over the place.
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I believe Paypal allows you to trade in other currencies. They definitely have Canadian bucks on there and I believe there's Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen.
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I must inform you that there's only one real currency in the world. And it ain't the Euro.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah, forgot to add that I don't want to deal with PayPal because they're a pain in the arse if you're outside of the US.

That sure was a helpful post there Paris. Should my next ask.metafilter question be "is there a user ignore fuction on this website"?
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Paypal lets you work in Euros and Pounds, but you'll have to ask them if they'll hold the money in the correct currency.
Then there's nochex which works in GBP., but isn't really accepted anywhere.

PP: If you'll allow me to take a condescending tone.
You were doing so well on ask. Please don't spoil it. Save the heated debate for the blue and grey - please.
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Then you have things like fastpay (GBP) and e Gold. Warning. I know nothing about eGold, and this may even be the wrong website, so don't go sending them money. (Article about the muslim friendly eGold from wired magazine - here
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Look around a little bit, and the internet is full of companies that will allow you to move cash about. Not sure exactly how trustworthy they are, but look ...
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Oh yeah, forgot to add that I don't want to deal with PayPal because they're a pain in the arse if you're outside of the US.

You might want to check again. I've never had any problems and they have actually made it much easier for non-us residents in the last year or so (for instance, I think you can now hook up your foreign bank account to your paypal account).

Plus, if we're talking about online auctions, paypal is pretty much the standard
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Since this thread is so new, let me try to mine it for a bit more information. If no one is paying attention anymore or if this is too much of a derail, that's fine, but ...

Anyone know about depositing foreign (French )cheques into a North American (Canadian) bank acount? The catch is, I want the money to stay in Euros, and if I just deposit it and then change it back to Euros I'll lose a substantial chunk. Anyone ever opened a "euro" account? Alternately, does anyone know other methods I could cash the check and keep it in euros?
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Response by poster: Yeah, sorry about that jab.

PayPal's international banking "support" has the potential to wipe out your balance if something goes wrong. Last time I checked, they charged you US$20 if a deposit failed.
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