How do I get my old defunct Mozilla Mail address book (backed up onto USB) into Thunderbird?
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How do I get my old, defunct Mozilla Mail address book (as in, I don't have mozilla installed due to a drive failure, but have a backup of my files on my backup USB drive) into Thunderbird?
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Look for the files named abook-n.mab. Copy them into your current Thunderbird profile folder. (If you have an abook-1.mab there you want to keep, you may need to rename it first.)

Open the Prefs.js from your original Mozilla installation and search for the lines beginning


Copy all these lines into the Thunderbird Prefs.js (which you backed up beforehand, naturally). If you renamed an address book or two from Step 1, you'll have to manually edit them in here with similar groups of ldap_2 lines.

Start Thunderbird. Voila -- old address books.
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