Facebook, delicious and flickr not loading!
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My facebook, delicious and flickr aren't working, but all other sites are fine. What's wrong and how do I fix it?

I have been trying for over a week to use my facebook account unsuccessfully.

I use Firefox 3.0.5 on a MacBook although I have also tried on Safari 3.1.2.

Usually, I am able to sign in and arrive at the home page successfully. Then, when I try to go into any other page, the page won't load and I get a "failed to open page" error or "page load error - connection interrupted" or something of the sort.

Clicking on links in my email to posted pictures or messages also doesn't work and the page will not load. I have tried deleting all facebook cookies, all cookies, restarting Firefox, restarting the computer and nothing has worked.

My account is working fine on other computers, but since it doesn't happen with any other site, this must be an issue with Facebook AND my computer.

Also, my delicious account won't load either. I tired on Safari and the home page loaded but none of the other pages and I get "connection interrupted" as well.

When I try logging into flickr (through the Yahoo! sign in page, which is where flickr redirects you when you click to sign in) i get sent to a blank page: https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?

These sites work fine when I sign in through other computers and all other sites and the internet in general are working fine on my computer. I have also tried deleting cookies for these. For delicious it works and allows me to enter the home page, but then I still can't access any of the other pages.

Does anyone know what is going on and how I can fix it?

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Maybe you can connect over HTTP (port 80), but not HTTPS (port 443), so your connection fails when the site tries to switch you to SSL to log in? Are you behind any kind of proxy?
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do you run torrents? i've found that running torrents screws up my connection for certain sites. the ads being run on a site somehow pull the tracker URL from my torrents and i either get connection interrupted/closed or i get an error page with the tracker url tacked on to the end of the site i was trying to look at. pages with really heavy scripting (like facebook) seem to fair worse than others.
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Have you tried deleting all your cookies?
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Have you tried emptying your cache?
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Have you thoroughly scanned your computer with a good antivirus program?
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for everyone's help!

These Premises: I have no clue what you're talking about. Sorry!! :p If that's what's happening, what should I do?

nadawi: not sure what a torrent is either, so can't really tell you if i'm running one. My guess is that if I don't know what it is, I'm probably not running it...right?

signal: I have tried deleting all my cookies; twice now. No dice.

zouhair: haven't tried that. Can you tell me how i'd go about doing that? Pleeeaase?

exphysicist: I'm actually on a mac and have never run an antivirus program!

Thanks again everyone. This is really getting ridiculous. It should have a simple solution, right? It's the first time this has happened, and it's only those 3 sites! Doesn't make sense to me! And it's been like 2 weeks now! Should I take my computer to Apple and see what they tell me?
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Response by poster: Ok, so I cleared my cache and nothing happened. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Please?

I think I'm going to have to take the computer to the Apple store and see if they can figure out what's going on!

Thanks to everyone who helped so far!
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Response by poster: So it turns out that it's a problem with my computer and the wireless router. Certain pages don't load when I'm connected to certain wireless connections. Weird, i know. Not sure how to fix it, but at least now i know what's going on and can try to work around it.

Thanks everyone for all your help!
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