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What's the best way cache and archive web bookmarks? (Firefox, Vista)

Currently, I use a combination of and the built-in Firefox bookmark manager. I seem to recall reading about a firefox extension (?) that would send the cache of bookmarks to a gmail account for archiving. This would be ideal for my purposes; but all recommendations are welcome.
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I believe xmarks is what the cool kids are using these days.
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Are you using the delicious plugin for firefox? That pretty much solves the problem by replacing the firefox bookmark function with your delicious bookmarks.
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Response by poster: Señor Pantalones, I am, but I can't figure out how to sync my firefox bookmarks with (or automatically mark them as private for that matter). Nor does, to my knowledge, make backup copies or cache bookmarked websites.
posted by matkline at 7:31 PM on April 13, 2010

N-thing xmarks. You can run this as a Firefox add-on and log-in from anywhere to access a unified set of bookmarks. It's free, excellent and also does passwords (although I never trust my really important passwords to anything online).
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You can export your bookmarks directly from delicious.
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Consider also supplementing xmarks with evernote. You can grab a webpage from a site and it keeps the content + location.
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