Video editing for a ten year old?
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What's a simple to use, inexpensive or free video editing software (PC/Win XP) for a ten year old?

He makes these movies, that I love, mostly by himself and is very frustrated that he can't edit them. He uses a Canon powershot digital camera that records AVI files 320 X 240. I know, he should really get a mac, til then what could he use? He has tried Windows Movie Maker and his ten year old self was not impressed. Thanks
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Best answer: Windows Movie Maker has lots of options and effects -- perhaps he didn't see them? I'm surprised he didn't find something that made it fun for him. I found that I had to give my 12-year old niece a quick tutorial before she was able to really make the most of it (adding music, removing background noise, etc).
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Heh. Well, he seems to do just fine in one take, and his future is probably in front of the camera instead of editing, but I digress.

What is the editing he's trying to accomplish? He almost certainly can do what he needs in WMM, but might need a little guidance or instruction. There are plenty of tutorials online. The both of you should take a look at some and practice a little.
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VirtualDub is free, no frills, and easy to use.
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Here are a few free video editing tools


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Response by poster: Thanks, I'll check them all out and show him. (including WMM)
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Response by poster: JumpCut is not accepting uploads.

Jumpcut Uploaders

We’re sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting uploads to Jumpcut.

We will be keeping the Jumpcut site up and running for the foreseeable future so you‘ll still be able to play, remix and share your existing movies – you just won’t be able to upload anything new.

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I think all AskMes should come with YouTube explainery from now on. Thanks. Your kid rocks :]
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