"Rotate image 90 degrees" for VIDEO?
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Is there software that will "rotate image 90 degrees" for VIDEO ?

Y'know how basic digital still cameras do video now? (Canon Powershot A590) Well, I was doing video and turned the camera on its side to grab a tall shot, like a dummy, as if it was a still. So now my video is on its side. Do you know of any video transfer software that will rotate my (one particularly beloved) video ninety degrees counter-clockwise?

I know, I know, laugh all you want....
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You are probably using Windows, but I know iMovie can do this.
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I have done that! There are a few basic answers.

1. QuickTime pro does this and is the easiest though not free
2. There are a bunch of shareware apps that do this. Do you have a Mac or a PC? I have a Mac and I'm pretty sure I used Transform Movie which was worth the shareware fee.
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You are probably using Windows or Mac, but I know 'mencoder' can do this.
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Ditto to the above for mencoder.

I haven't vetted the below instructions on windows, though it seems reasonable.

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Response by poster: Awesome! Thanks so much, folks. Fastest request ever.
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Some video drivers allow you to press Ctrl+Alt+(arrow key) which will orient the top edge of the display to be in the direction you pressed the arrow key. Obviously this won't convert the file for you, but it might work in a pinch.
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If you're on Windows, the free Windows Movie Maker (pre-installed in XP and Vista) does it too.
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Response by poster: Gemmy, I'm just not seeing the option on WinMovieMaker. Where exactly?
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In Windows Movie Maker, once you've added your clip(s) to the storyboard, you can right-click, choose "Video Effects...", and then add "Rotate 90" to the clip (though I sort of suspect you're actually going to want to choose "Rotate 270").
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yup, I second the windows movie maker trick, I've had to do the same myself. (steps are as hoboynow describes).
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Awesome, I'm so glad you posted this question, rexruff! I did the same thing and still hadn't gotten around to fixing it. Now I know how to do it!
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I've done the same as hoboynow and defcom1 (on Vista Home Premium) with good results.
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I like Picasa best. I used to take vertically-oriented video a lot, and this used to be much more of a complicated thing to do. I did it with Windows Movie Maker and it messed up the aspect ratio of the video, making everyone look fat. Picasa works perfectly, though, although I think they only recently added this feature.
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I'm glad someone else stepped up and told you how to do it, since I didn't think to explain it. I've had good luck with Windows Movie Maker, and I have never seen any problems with aspect ratios. But if you use Picasa already, that works great too.
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