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Are there any powerful visual representations of a typical editorial process (print)?

I'm hoping to find some sort of visual representation (slide show, video, etc.) of how many editorial stages an article/book might go through before publication. I'm specifically interested in something that would reveal layers of editorial mark-up/comments/changes.

The pedagogical goal is simply to convince students that good writing requires meticulous editing (and that spell check is never enough).

Many thanks in advance.
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The movie Shattered Glass has a segment about the editorial process of The New Republic magazine, with a montage of the people involved and what their role is. Unfortunately, in the context of the segment, it's pointing out that despite the multiple layers, accuracy is still very much in the hands of the original author, for better or for worse.
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This doesn't really address the details of the editing process, but it is a great presentation.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions--I can use them all in some way. So far the closest thing to what I had in mind is Wired's storyboard experiment. I just wish it was a little more...streamlined! Oh well.
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