How do I convert a databse into mysql format?
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How do I convert/import a dbf (2.4 gb) to a mysql database?

I just acquired a data set that is organized as a dbf. I would like to import this into mysql. How would I do that for free?

There seem to be a few 3rd party tools (which show up when I search for dbf to mysql converter) but they are not free.

I also tried importing through Phpmyadmin on my personal site but the file is too large for that.

Are there other ways to do this? This will be a one time thing.

I am running mysql 5.1 on Windows xp.
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I am no expert but I think you want to get it into CSV (one row per record, commas between fields) format. I am not sure offhand how to do this from DBF but I'd try importing it into OpenOffice or Excel and saving it back out as CSV. Then you can use the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE command on it.
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How many tables are you talking about?

This may be much going to get to the neighbor's house, but you could...

1. Download Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (free)
2. Import the .dbf to SQL Server
3. Download the ODBC driver for MySQL (free)
4. Export the SQL Server database to MySQL via the ODBC driver.

I'm no MySQL guru, so there may be an easier way.
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Depending on how much you like or hate Perl you may wish to check out SQLFairy. Also, what was the .dbf created by? There are a ton of different programs which will create .dbf files.
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there is a php extension for dbase that you could use to suck the records out of the dbf files, and then generate csv or just turn around a shove it right into mysql using php.

can't microsoft access handle .dbf files? i would think microsoft foxpro could, too.
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Response by poster: Also, what was the .dbf created by?

Seems like Foxpro.

jimw: Don't have access right now and I really prefer using mysql to manipulate the data so the goal is to get these data in there.
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from what i understand .dbf files are a standard data table format. i would be shocked to find that mysql doesn't have a method of importing it because it's so basic, but then i know nothing abut mysql. if it's command line driven, then there should be some kind of 'import' command that will have appropriate markers to indicate what the source file is. that may work better then the admin panel described above.

it should be just one (really big) table.
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Response by poster: i would be shocked to find that mysql doesn't have a method of importing it because it's so basic.

Exactly my reason for posting here.
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