Gmail/explorer 6 weirdness
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Gmail Hosted Apps attachment weirdness. I administrate a hosted apps account; recently a MS Publisher file was sent to everyone in the organisation, all were able to open it originally, bar one person, who for some reason, when attempting to download, could only download as a zip file. Tested the same situation in Firefox on XP at home (the situation occurs on IE6/XP) and it downloads fine. Tested with another account on XP/IE 6 and i find this is the same case, i.e. only able to download the MS Publisher file as a zip file. Has anyone else experienced this weirdness? is this due to Google withdrawing support for IE6?
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Sounds more like IE 6 isn't recognizing the extension of the file and is assuming it's a zip and renaming it as such. Is the downloaded file indeed compressed or can you rename it and open it as a publisher file?
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Response by poster: it is indeed compressed
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