Help me find trash cinema.
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Help me find trash cinema.

I wish to see the trashiest cinema there is.
Note that a lot of what is called trash or B or Z-movies are monster flicks and/or horror/giallo/splatter/scifi/porn. Surely there are other kinds, perhaps a combination of these?

Here's what I know of:

Astrozombie's list
Bad Movies
This lovely trailer for Beez

But most of these seem to focus on English/Western trash. How about Bollywood/Lollywood? Nigeria? What is the trashiest movie from Bolivia, for example? Links please.

Merci merci.
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Response by poster: To clarify: English/Western trash recommendations are encouraged and appreciated.
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Well, it's American-focused, but still, you can't go wrong with the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film.
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Can't really help you, but I know people that may be able to. Search/Ask around on Cinemaggeddon, "home of the finest (ahem) rare, obscure and of course trashy horror, martial arts, gore, exploitation and action flicks".
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This guy will help you out.

Turkish version of Spiderman where Spidey knife fights? In there. Chinese movies where Bruce Lee (or Li, or Lie, etc.) teams up with Popeye (yes, the Sailor Man) to defeat the Godfather (yep, the mob leader) and Emmanuel (star of many Cinemax classics)? Oh yeah, it's in there.

Even if you don't order DVDs from him, the catalog descriptions alone are worth a read.
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You might appreciate this post on the blue.

And I will reiterate my giddy-puppy enthusiastic-flailing recommendation I gave in that post for the film BLOOD FREAK, which will utterly and completely reset the bar for you for bad cinema. Trust me.
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Stomp Tokyo's pretty good.

Also, the Dusk to Dawn Drive-in Trash-o-Rama series (Vol. 5 reviewed here).
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This is my bible.
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I guess you could start here for Latin America: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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It will probably take you a very long time to go through Franco's films.
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Sleazoid Express is an awesome book (and series of zines) about the trash cinema of New York's grindhouse scene, and many of these films were foreign imports.

Asian Trash Cinema is your essential guide to trash films from the Asian subcontinent.

Sometimes I like to just flip through the Something Weird catalog.

Seconding the Psychotronic Encyclopedia, and also the magazine. They changed my life.
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Two words: John Waters

...but you probably already know that.
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Also Alternative Reel has a cult movie section where you may find some off-the-wall stuff.
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ooo sorry, but for more western/english trash, try this too:
the cool thing about this site is you download straight form the site :D :D
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