Long-term Lube
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About lubrication: Have you used Replens? Did you like it or have any thoughts on using it?

I saw this question but no one really answered the question. I'm not looking for a debate on using this versus the type of lube used "in the moment."
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Not a fan; I wound up having the (fairly common) discharge of papery tissue and that kinda ruined the fun.
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Response by poster: Hmm. I have heard of that being an issue.
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Read the customer reviews at drugstore.com -- I found them very informative.
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It's better than nothing if you are (surgically or otherwise) post-menopausal. I don't like the applicator, but, as you say, you don't want an in-the-moment lubricant, and there aren't too many options.

However, I'd recommend looking into Vitamin E capsules as well.

There are also (doctor prescribed) creams like Permarin and Estradiol, which can be given as part of HRT, if you find that you have a need for them.
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Response by poster: The preference is to avoid estrogen creams for now. And it's not that in-the-moment lubricants aren't an option, I'm just interested in other/additional options.
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