What's the difference between when MF Doom raps and when Viktor Vaughn raps?
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I'm confused by a hip-hop subtlety that I'm not picking up on: what's the difference between when MF Doom raps and when Viktor Vaughn raps? Same guy, same subjects, seems like the same basic persona: what am I missing?
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Couple links
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Victor Von Doom = Dr. Doom

Viktor Vaugn = MF. Doom

never heard of this guy before but im a big dr. doom fan.
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This came over the e-mail, from a non-member, and seems to make a lot of sense, to me anyway, based on the limited amount of stuff I've heard:


Wanted to try to respond to your ask.metafilter question, but alas I
have no Mefi account. But here's my very flawed and limited

Viktor Vaughn is a play on words referencing Viktor Von Doom, which is
Dr. Doom's real name. I _think_ the persona is meant to refer to
Dumile's "younger" self. I think the Vaughn stuff is a bit more
gangsta and a bit rougher. If you listen to the Vaughn track on
Madvillainy, you might get a better sense of that. That track, "Fancy
Clown", seems to imply that Vaughn's girl is cheating on him with
Doom. Not sure what that's about.

Doom is a bit older, kind of broken and drugged out, and has a sense
of wry humor. Vaughn is a little more in-your-face.

You might get a better sense of the different personas if you listened
to King Gheedorah, "Take me to your Leader". That persona is a bit
more of a departure of either of the previous ones. Dumile describe's
Gheedorah as "an alien perspective on humans". To make things more
complicated, he's suggested that each of Gheedorah's heads has its own
personality, and this is somehow related to his appearences on "Take
me to your Leader". More practically, Gheedorah is the personality
Dumile uses when he's rapping with his group of followers, all of whom
also take Japanese monster movie names.

Anyway, that's probably not helpful at all, but it's not every day
that I get to espouse my crackpot rap theories.

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I was going to say something similar, so I will just add:

MF Doom is the shit. Best MC out there right now. Best Producer Out there right now. Like, he blows everything out of the water, partly because of this identity play (which isn't new to hip-hop, but MF is a great deal more complex with it).

If you haven't already checked it, this is the place for all the info you need on Doom.

MM Food is coming out in a few weeks. I heard an advance copy, and it is fantastic.

A great bio from his current label.

"Vikta the director flip a script like Rob Reiner /
the way alot of dudes rhyme they name should be nob shiner "
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