Clip and encode a track from a DVD
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I have a legit movie produced by my employer on DVD that I need to convert to mpeg (mpeg2 I'm guessing) to upload to the Internet Archive. All the l33t warez converters seem to do divx or vcd or vob. I can't seem to find anything on mac or windows that will do this simple task for me. I just want the 10 minute long movie at track 4 on the disc as a mpeg file. Sounds simple but after using half a dozen apps, I can't seem to get the job done.
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It certainly looks like there's a ton of utilities out there, but I don't know much about any one in particular. DVD VOBs are, to a certain extent, MPEG-2, so the first thing a rookie like me would try would be to rename the files and throw them in your video editing software of choice.

I'm willing to bet this is one of the many things something like transcode would be good for, too.
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DVD Decrypter

Excellent app. You'll see how to do it when you look at it.
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Smart Ripper --> Rip track4
DVD2AVI --> Frameserve VOB's
TMPGENC (free version) --> encode to MPEG1

A trial copy of TMPGEnc's higher-end products will encode to MPEG2. But you can do MPEG1 for free anytime.

Here's the guide I learned on. You can ignore steps 4 and 5 since you're not authoring a disc.

Feel free to email me any quesions.
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Seconded on DVD Decrypter.
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FWIW, mpeg2 playback is not a standard part of windows systems and, as scarabic says, mpeg1 is also easier to do.
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Ok, I got DVD Decrypter to make VOB files. Now I'm using something called "#1 DVD Ripper" to make a mpg for a VCD out of it.

I've got a new problem finishing this -- the program insists on having me pick a codec to compress video to. I tried the default DivX but playback in media player 10 locked up on the final file. I picked an innocuous sounding microsoft video codec and it won't open in any video player now.

Still wondering why this is so hard, but whatever.
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Doesn't QuickTime Pro do this? It's supposed to be a swiss army knife for this sort of thing... alas, I do not have it handy to double check, since my Windows machine is in re-install limbo...
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On the Mac, try the shareware ffmpegx. Installation is a bit tricky, as you have to download some programs and codecs seperately, but the software walks you through it. It'll open just about anything and do conversion to mpeg2 and many other formats.
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If it's asking you for a codec, it's not compressing into MPEG but rather AVI. You'll need something that can read VOB and compress directly to MPEG. I think TMPEGENC can do this, as mentioned earlier.
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FairUse. Somewhat hard to get hold of, so use your google-fu.
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As mentioned above, TMPGENC is what most use to create MPEG1 files.

But most people don't use MPEG1, because it is crappy compared to modern codecs. The only advantage is that you can play them on anything.
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On my Mac, I've used MPEG2 Works with varying levels of success.

They also have a pretty good discussion/support forum.
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If you have QuickTime Pro, you can extract the VOB with OSEx, demux it with bbdemux and then convert to MPEG whatever with QuickTime Pro.
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