Used Car Dealership near Providence
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Any used car dealerships--and particular dealers--near Providence, RI (or around) whom you would recommend?

I'm looking for a Subaru Forester with around 50K miles.
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These guys in Woonsocket treated me right. I bought a 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon with 56000 miles on it in 1998. They gave me a 90 warranty and in fact the fuel injectors went close to the end of that. They fixed it for free. I have no idea what they may have for inventory. Aside from that I can recommend Pilgrim Subaru down in North Kingstown, even though they no longer sell new Subarus. (Their business was taken over by Valenti Subaru in Westerly, and I'm not sure which sales guys went where. I recommend Carlos.)
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My in-laws went to Anchor Subaru in Manville and got a new one, and were (I think) treated well. We went there to look at used wagons a couple of years ago, but ended up with a Toyota Sienna van from Colonial. *shrug* As far as I remember, Anchor had a bunch of used Subarus on the lot, and in pretty good shape.
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Stamas has been good to me in the past and also Village Auto in Coventry. Spike at Village Auto (yeah, that's the name on his business card) has done myself and my family very well with great cars.

If you have a "request" he'll actively find you one given enough time. No guarantees from me but I've had good luck with both places,
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