What is "sulphur preparation"?
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What in the world is Bruce Willis singing about in "Coming Right Up"? Sulfur preparation??

On Bruce Willis' video/CD "The Return of Bruno" there's a song, Coming Right Up. At the start of the 3rd verse there's a line that I have never really understood the words to. I found the lyrics here and it says the lyrics are:

Need a match? On the double
Sulphur preparation, that's no trouble
Comin right up

So the question is...are those lyrics correct and, if so, what in the world is "sulphur preparation"? (Did the author mean sulfur preparation?) The song is about a bartender, not a chemist...
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I would assume he is referring to the sulfur used to make matches; he is trying to be eloquent as he offers the lady a light.
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Best answer: A match is a sulphur preparation. Occasionally 'sulphur' resurfaces as slang for matches.
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sulphur = sulfur (since that seemed to be part of the question too). It's just British vs. American spelling for the same word.
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Oh, and sulphur and sulfur are the same. Sulfur is the American (and sometimes Australian/NZ/Canadian) spelling.
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