A fixer for my mixer
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Know anyone who does small appliance repair in Baltimore?

My parents gave me a Cuisinart food processor and stand mixer. The catch? They're broken... somehow. They worked as of a year ago, but now when they're plugged in, nothing happens. The only appliance repair places I can find here in Baltimore do only big stuff (fridges, etc).

Also: any idea how much this might cost? I know it's hard to say without knowing what the problem is, but any estimates would be appreciated.
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Have you tried contacting Cuisinart customer service to ask for a list of authorized repair centers? There might be one in Baltimore.

The other thing I might try (and this is a bit of a stretch) is calling Cummins Appliance. They sell large appliances, but they're the sort of family business that's been around for a long time, so they might know people who repair smaller appliances. Or Bolewicki's - again, old non-chain appliance store that might have connections (they're also known for having great prices.)
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Have you played around with it at all to narrow down possible causes? Wiggle the cord around while the unit is plugged in and turned on, flip the switch back and forth, rotate the motor (being careful of what will happen to your fingers if it turns on suddenly). If it was fine last time it was used, and now absolutely nothing happens when it's plugged in and turned on, then chances are it's a simple problem that will be easy to diagnose and fix.
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