What is this film about a Turkish man?
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Movie ID filter: A Turkish man, escaping poverty, crosses borders into Europe. Tragedy ensues. What's the film?

I think I saw this movie in Bosnia prior to the 'end' of electricity in the war, which would probably make it at least 15 years old or so. But I may have seen it in America soon after arriving. It's possibly a German/Turkish co-production.

A Turkish guy attempts to make it to Germany or Switzerland to better his life and send money home. Early in the film, we see part of his life in a small village in Turkey. At one point, he gets help from a very kind truck driver, and one of the pivotal - perhaps final - scenes in the film is something like when he thanks the truck driver (after being captured by the police or immigration officials) and says something about how they could have been friends.

This isn't much to go on, but it was a weird time in my life, so I was pretty scatter-brained, plus I reckon I watched the movie in English or some other language I could only understand a small bit at the time. I'd love to see it again, though . . . so here's hoping someone knows it.
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Bread and Chocolate?
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Could it be Journey of Hope?
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Journey Of Hope it is, thanks!
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