I can haz Xzibit?
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Where on the web can I see Yo Dawg images on a regular basis?

It's a meme I simply can't get enough of ("Yo dawg, I heard you like X, so we put an X in your X so you can Y while you Y"). Surely there's a "I Can Haz Xhibit?" blog somewhere?
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Response by poster: I saw that; I was hoping for something that featured only the pictures that were funny.
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this may be your golden opportunity to become the next icanhascheesburger or ytmnd. register a name, bust out something in wordpress, and throw on a couple of google ads.

instant internet millionaire. just remember who suggested the idea. :)

otherwise, you can troll /b/ all day and start random threads in hopes that anon will deliver
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Best answer: Yo dawg we herd you liek tumblr (nsfw). So we put a meme in yr tumblr so you can laff while you laff. [sic]
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I'd suggest braving 4chan's /b/ board and starting a thread. Not for the faint of heart, but that's where the images come from, and nobody is going to be deliver only the images you would find amusing. Funny just doesn't work like that.
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Something Awful has this thread.
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www.mfisn.com has had some show up. they're pretty on top of random internet weirdness.

You can never really tell what those photobucket/imageshack links are before clicking, so some NSFW stuff can come up.
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